Posts from October 2007

24th October, 11:59 pm

i love that the revenge cd comes with ear plugs

24th October, 3:28 pm

the lego towers are beautiful - i'd love to work on something like that (bonus time-lapse vid here) [via the hamster]

24th October, 10:02 am

almost certainly computer generated, but still beautiful [via coates]

23rd October, 11:04 am

remotely set the 'ready' message on networked HP printer using some perl. been playing with this in the office to nice effect

23rd October, 11:03 am

macdonalds as a pizza topping? wow. and what's with the gun? o_O

23rd October, 9:17 am

a page of a million "love will tear us apart" covers. found while looking for the josé gonzález one (which is quite good)

22nd October, 11:43 am

ok, i want a verdier. although the video looks a little odd as to how the top doesn't squash the cab when it folds down

19th October, 5:15 pm

dbslayer is really cool. very similar to some things we're working on at flickr, but more generally applicable. also avoids the need for managing to compile DBD::mysql, which is always nice.

19th October, 1:09 am

just completed portal. the script towards the end is even better than at the start. just wish it were longer. portal 2 soon please

18th October, 11:49 am

the portal gun in hl2? hell yes. looks like alot of fun

17th October, 4:43 pm

an excellent review of the orange box - portal is SO MUCH FUN

15th October, 11:59 pm

take care of your idols - beautiful/strange animation [via ze]

15th October, 11:47 pm

george lucas in love is kinda genius

15th October, 11:47 pm

re-found for mr hammond - the fan-made intro to thomas the tank engine using the bertha theme

11th October, 5:19 pm

a song about social networks? ze is hot

11th October, 2:57 pm

not only is there an unlocker for iphone 1.1.1, but it claims to unbrick 1.0 phones. nice [via strimble]

11th October, 12:25 pm

and who doesn't want one of the dogs?

11th October, 12:24 pm

ooh - sam brown has some gelaskins too

11th October, 12:07 pm

gelaskins have some really lovely artwork - kellan just got a couple of samples and they look great

11th October, 11:05 am

transformers cosplay. optimus is awesome [via dunstan]

11th October, 8:30 am

porting flickr over to sql on rails is going to take all day

8th October, 2:23 pm

the wow rep calculator is really nicely done - click on the faction sections for zone and instance rep info

8th October, 12:29 pm

i was fooled for a while - the Swansea North Residents Association site is genius

7th October, 3:25 pm

i don't know what it's all about, but tom's ffffound page is lovely

7th October, 1:30 pm

converttube seems really useful

4th October, 2:53 pm

the new sony bravia ad is awesome. better than the paint, maybe better than the balls [via ph]

3rd October, 11:13 pm

no longer relevant, but bookmarked nonetheless - the online pirate translator [via strimble]

3rd October, 4:57 pm

yahoo answers has fulfilled it's purpose