Posts from September 2010

28th September, 11:08 pm

jeremy cole has finally solved the mysql swapping-for-no-reason issue. very nice work [via ph]

14th September, 11:51 pm

it didn't take long to break the quadracopter, but parrot's online repair videos are really really good. should be back up and flying in no time

14th September, 1:36 pm

hipster dinosaurs is just very very well done

14th September, 12:07 pm

the dev video for biolab disaster is really good. lots of great ideas in there

13th September, 9:14 pm

is rare exports real? there's something i'd love to see

12th September, 11:20 pm

i can never find the dnslint tool that i really liked, but the opendns cache tool is a bit useful

12th September, 11:18 pm

oooh, i really like these lost tarot cards [via tom]

12th September, 3:48 pm

this semi-quine is amazingly awesome [via kastner]

10th September, 11:46 am

ok, i really want to visit soda pop stop. very very cool

10th September, 9:37 am

plumen has finally started shipping

8th September, 11:10 am

lots of good projects coming out of node.js right now - Uglify JS is a JS minifier based on a JS AST parser and tree walker. Could do some neat things with that.

1st September, 7:00 pm

can't download any purchases in itunes on a mac that's been migrated to? then this is what you want to know - the bit about deleting 'SC Info'. fuuuuuu

1st September, 6:58 pm

making fun of seo warms my heart