Posts from April 2011

27th April, 11:26 am

i love this typographic map of sf. i have a few too many nice maps of SF to warrant hanging this one, but still considering it

25th April, 11:23 pm

i'm still using smarty and you're no longer on the internet. i think i win this round

25th April, 11:00 pm

nice piece from mark at joyent about the dangers of abstraction

25th April, 12:00 am

i used to work right by mount pleasant sorting office and was a bit obsessed with the mail railway. this photo series exploring it is excellent. read it now

20th April, 10:13 am

a really nice cellular automata generative audio toy

18th April, 8:58 pm

the final frontier: bacon roses

18th April, 10:02 am

ok, i guess it's pretty clever. youtube and flickr especially

17th April, 12:39 am

favorite blog of the evening is i curate the internet. a billion times yes

16th April, 2:46 pm

a super-complex but awesome wedding invitation

16th April, 2:35 pm

wow. i now have a new lego hero. new weekend(s) project!

15th April, 3:10 pm

railguns might be a reality pretty soon. 7km with no elevation after punching through a steel sheet? that's scary

15th April, 3:02 pm

this guide to the interesting bits of javascript is really good

14th April, 10:26 pm

all of the recent 'dance battle' movies are hideous, but this is pretty awesome [via lhl]

14th April, 10:48 am

ninja cat makes everything better

13th April, 12:41 pm

yup flengbot is still awesome

12th April, 10:29 pm

did i ever link to the article on password usability? i meant to

12th April, 9:48 am

ok, i'm totally going to become a model now

11th April, 10:30 am

the ethics of abandoning software. open source is getting a little more mature

10th April, 11:02 pm

i'm stuck on step 4 of the bandcamp job application test (the email address). well takle another stab tomorrow. don't want to actually apply, but neat. [edit] aha! that one was pretty easy in the end

10th April, 4:39 pm

the economist's democracy index is kind of fascinating. is there a good discussion for the criteria anywhere? the 2010 document is here and contains lots of good detail

10th April, 1:59 pm

SPDY is already out there. but as myles pointed out: why is gmail still so slow? :D

10th April, 1:55 pm

i really want this awesome cocktails poster. yes pls

10th April, 1:20 pm

a working bolt-action rifle in lego. watch up until the end to get a demo of the mechanism. very well done

10th April, 1:17 pm

man, those orcs sure are dumb (portions inspired by our current D&D campaign)

8th April, 4:09 pm

lego sniper rifle is very well done. keep watching for the mechanism demo

4th April, 6:24 pm

it was a joke, and there's been plenty of coverage of why it can't really work, but it sure looks pretty

1st April, 12:15 am

all devices need instruction manuals this awesome. nice work sparkfun