Posts from August 2011

31st August, 2:46 pm

minecraft in minecraft is amazing. don't miss the tour/explanation

30th August, 5:03 pm

fishy fishy is way better than gucci gucci

29th August, 11:45 pm

going to cost slightly more than a launchpad, but ander's station is kind of amazing

29th August, 11:07 pm

this really makes me want a novation launchpad (i already have the ReMOTE SL)

29th August, 3:09 pm

it's an adele day: npr tiny desk and the vma's. nice

24th August, 5:20 pm

it'll take a lot to top the portal 2 proposal. so well done

23rd August, 2:09 pm

portal fan movie is awesome

23rd August, 10:47 am

keita is confused that i wear shorts but seems to be in charge. it's pretty confusing

23rd August, 12:36 am

reading the archive of zomgscience is worth it

22nd August, 4:56 pm

bootstrap looks like a nice basis for web work. not a fan of the less approach though - wjy not do that on the server?