Posts from June 2005

30th June, 9:08 pm

jsan is finally alive [via aaron]

30th June, 8:59 pm

on the day i request a desk as far from the window as possible, penny arcade is describing my life.

27th June, 7:34 pm

mr salt has located some excellently geeky clothing made from computer and electronics nerdery.

27th June, 1:40 pm

aaron recommends the house of nanking for chinese. must try it.

19th June, 1:11 pm

microsoft's upcoming MSH (ms shell) is a neat little bash clone. should make building apps on windows alot easier.

19th June, 1:07 pm

i keep meaning to try miranda. version 401 just released.

17th June, 10:35 pm

defunker has some good shirts (they're reselling a bunch of threadless). isn't that the internet's own jason kottke?

17th June, 12:05 am

wow. i totally have a debian package. in STABLE ffs.

14th June, 10:19 am

real life counter strike, via yoz and some others. great fun - the movements are spot on, and suitably ridiculous.

13th June, 11:56 am

lea points out this lovely film, 'le-building'. beautiful style.

13th June, 11:50 am

those scamps at oreilly are publishing a perl style guide by sir conway - must be required reading.

11th June, 11:33 pm

i missed the cotton wool echo. which was a shame - i'd like to see the old rat & parrot bunch again.

9th June, 4:57 pm

this guy's lego mechs are amazing. very nice work

9th June, 12:19 pm

schwern's post about JSAN is pretty interesting. especially the loading-direct-from-repos stuff. mmmmm

8th June, 3:08 pm

it also links to geocomtex, a bizarre site linked to the media episode.

8th June, 3:06 pm

the new bbc badwolf site contains a summary of the bad wolf references so far.

7th June, 12:35 pm

cvsspam looks pretty cool. we're currently using a perl-based cvs logger at flickr, which is workign well for us - viewcvs links instead of inline diffs. otherwise the mails would be huge.

6th June, 12:24 pm

neil matheson found the solution to my stylus woes - replacement retractable styluses for the p900. i've ordered one and will report back on it's effectiveness.

3rd June, 2:23 am

the us patent office gives out some crazy patents. nice site.

2nd June, 11:55 pm

word of the day is tittle.

2nd June, 12:27 am

this games manifesto has many excellent points and makes me want to start playing HL2 again. mmmm

1st June, 1:09 pm

i'm currently rewriting the X:P:L:T:X module using the CADT model, but i have an excuse. as it, it can't really toke properly and gets too confused. a new tokener is done and seems to be working. just need to tree it and evaluate it.