Posts from January 2008

28th January, 11:10 am

rockband with a real drum kit? sooo awesome [via dunstan]

24th January, 8:19 pm

the design police should be a real police force

24th January, 7:32 pm

that's alot of images. the color distribution is interesting

24th January, 11:38 am

sounds like someone is lapsing

22nd January, 1:56 pm

a sad day for web 2.0 - uncov is closing

18th January, 12:44 pm

lamp for phones? christ. that's insane

18th January, 9:23 am

still alive on an 8080? yes. via myles

18th January, 9:15 am

candyfab is soooo awesome. photos on the flixor

17th January, 1:58 pm

i want an airmail case. oh, and a mac book air :)

16th January, 6:40 pm

the macbook air is making other laptops feel bad

14th January, 2:30 pm

hello kitty guns? that's a pretty complete product line

13th January, 6:34 pm

i really want to go to rofl con. what are the chances that yahoo will pay?

13th January, 6:25 pm

the lolcat bible is utter genius. we've been doing readings all evening

12th January, 10:53 pm

think that this poster is a pretty cool visualization of the elements makes me a dork i think

12th January, 7:41 pm

i need to try out these rockband drumming tips

12th January, 5:55 pm

take 5 minutes of your life to play passage and then read this. [via js]

12th January, 3:59 pm

book stores should all look like this

9th January, 8:15 pm

Troxed has some anger issues

9th January, 11:37 am

leveling a wow pacifist requires great patience

9th January, 9:26 am

oooh. a better ace updater for osx? thanks

9th January, 8:47 am

the sf homicide map is interesting. shame it's missing time-of-day

8th January, 4:20 pm

meat house! excellent work george

8th January, 2:42 pm

spoons? of meat? thanks aaron

7th January, 11:35 pm

this person is making crazy-beautiful clay wow models. want