Posts from December 2008

23rd December, 9:55 pm

a great visual bathroom guide from passive-aggressive notes

19th December, 3:20 pm

relinking yet again - the uk motorway map in the style of harry beck's tube map. genius

19th December, 3:19 pm

give up and use tables. 47 minutes seems fair. why have i never seen this before?

17th December, 11:39 pm

game damage is the new show from the zero punctuation fellow. not too bad. maybe it'll get better. who knows

15th December, 9:38 am

my song colors are a bit busted. wonder if there's an XSS bug if you listen to certain music...

12th December, 11:00 am

wow now has paid sex-changes, and they're much cheaper than the real thing. this pay-for-addons model is great for players and blizzard alike

7th December, 11:11 pm

uke + kazoo + piano = best. and + final countdown = win

5th December, 4:41 pm

this bow shoot witches instead of arrows

2nd December, 2:25 pm

songbird finally goes 1.0. congrats guys!