Posts from May 2007

31st May, 5:41 pm

just re-found webb's barley generator. good stuff

31st May, 2:17 pm

bacon cupcakes? fuck yeah

30th May, 3:04 pm

this'll mean very little to the non-wow folks, but this druid pvp video is awesome

29th May, 2:16 pm

i can has flickr ported to lolcode? (see also: narwhals)

17th May, 10:36 am

teamsnap helps you manage your camel wrestling team. is there anything the internet cannot do?

9th May, 4:28 pm

want to know how you can enjoy a genuine mission burrito in new york? the alameda-weehawken tunnel is the answer.

7th May, 9:26 am

things are escalating in the office [via heather]