Posts from February 2012

29th February, 2:53 pm

metropolis ii is an amazing kinetic sculpture (another movie)

29th February, 11:26 am

very cool - html5 unicode character recognition. useful for finding the codepoint of that arrow you really needed

28th February, 11:20 pm

from the obsessed-with-metro-transit archive - the youngest metro in the world opens in kazakhstan

28th February, 11:05 am

i went to CERN when i was in high school and james bridle is right - it's amazing

27th February, 12:03 am

somebody used my pixelfont tutorial to recreate the fonts from monkey island. so awesome

6th February, 11:33 am

very neat: a record player that plays tree rings

6th February, 10:46 am

mp3 decoding is interesting