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Anyone who was a kid in the UK in the late 80s/early 90s will remember the genius of Knightmare. There's a new episode up on youtube … it's terrible. Really does not stand the test of time.

Gizmodo has a little more detail.

12th January, 6:17 pm

if you have a spare 3 hours, How TV Ruined Your Life is a good thing to watch.

16th August, 12:59 pm

excellent idea - a blog of things to watch on netflix streaming

14th August, 6:25 pm

this is a pretty plausible theory of lost. explains some confusing elements from the final season

23rd February, 3:11 pm

my so called life, 15 years later. i am still in love with both of them [via cb]

28th September, 7:27 pm

as bjork has learned, never trust an icelandic poet

18th September, 3:11 pm

this norton ad is so dumb that it loops back around to genius

7th September, 6:16 pm

quite a good tv ad from the uk. clever

12th May, 6:28 pm

bugs is even worse than i remember. opens on a helicopter chase, in which one helicopter tries to 'lose' the other. err, you're in a helicopter. surprisingly, this fails. genius

10th May, 1:05 pm

looking for a torrent of bugs (at least season 1), but proving difficult. any ideas?

10th March, 11:24 pm

just finished watching dead set back to back. awesome, awesome stuff

3rd March, 1:31 pm

heston blumenthal's new show sounds awesome [via tom]

26th August, 12:34 pm

a trio of three beautiful adverts: the original sony bravia ad with the bouncing balls, the tango parody of it and the bravia bunny ad. so beautiful

6th August, 7:08 pm

a buffy animated series could have been cool

16th July, 10:38 am

and norah jones on sesame street

16th July, 10:35 am

the internet once again combines two things i love - feist and sesame street

18th May, 7:11 pm

frisky dingo. we can't ever go back to arizona

11th April, 2:24 pm

the lost screenplays are pretty fucking awesome [via dunstan]

3rd April, 11:59 am

of io9's top 10 unsung sci-fi classics, i've only seen one. i suck

3rd March, 1:42 pm

gah! stupid hammond. i think the timeloop theory might just be viable.

18th November, 10:39 am

aha! the too-awful-it's-actually-good series i was thinking about the other day was killer net. yay for bad computer dramas

26th June, 12:14 pm

piracy is bad. don't copy that floppy. keep watching - it gets worse

18th October, 6:47 pm

ze made [i think] $2075 in one day through the new candy system. nice

6th October, 2:48 pm

the WoW south park episode [3 parts] is awesome

21st September, 12:55 pm

this life is coming back for a one-off ten-years-on episode [via chubb]

29th June, 10:03 am

build your own version of the prisoner/portmerion with lego

11th November, 9:03 pm

ryan and eran did this great tv interview from last night's launch party. remember, users are losers.

8th June, 3:08 pm

it also links to geocomtex, a bizarre site linked to the media episode.

8th June, 3:06 pm

the new bbc badwolf site contains a summary of the bad wolf references so far.

1st April, 6:46 pm

gah - after only one episode aired, christopher eccleston has quit as the doctor. wtf?

1st April, 5:10 pm

this is bordering on the too weird - fake porn of british morning tv celebrities.

23rd March, 8:10 pm

lea points out this awesome pocky ad and the translation of the bizarre frech. japanese television is scary-awesome.

23rd March, 3:21 pm

coates is a mad unstoppable genius.someone needs to give him a bunch of money and a room without windows to make this stuff.

16th March, 2:53 pm

wired is talking about how the new dr who episode might been leaked on purpose. i don't buy it - the bbc aren't that smart.

11th March, 10:56 pm

sugarape is well mexico. only a single episode of nathan barley left. ack.

10th March, 11:18 am

the first episode of the new doctor who is doing the rounds - it's excellent. eccleston is brilliant as the doctor, and the humor is spot-on.

1st February, 9:34 am

jones thinks the battlestar gallactica remake was filmed / is being filmed in sunny vancouver. HOW COOL IS THAT?

22nd January, 9:53 pm

after watching ghost in the shell 2, i found out about the tv series - standalone complex. and now i have it on dvd. could be some good watching ahead.

21st January, 12:38 am

an earthworm jim database. awesome. it's like a webpage from the early 90s. doug tennaple is a genius.

27th October, 11:50 pm

was this episode of rainbow ever really broadcast? i can't believe they could have gotten away with it.

8th October, 3:03 pm

another good article from steve about the future of media/television and why it might just be awesome. yay for the internet, etc

16th August, 8:04 pm

seen the table tennis done with blackout costumes? this advert uses the same technique very well. linkage via lea.

7th July, 9:42 pm

why can't i find "the smell of reeve and mortimer" on torrent?

4th July, 1:11 am

you can get a plush vince - rejoice!