Posts from May 2008

31st May, 2:57 pm

thanks to mr baio for pointing out this informative bacon chart. i totally agree

31st May, 10:36 am


28th May, 10:18 am

the star trek cake is pretty bad-ass

27th May, 12:00 pm

the first photoshop icon is pretty cool [via pep]

27th May, 11:32 am

exploiting firewalls by overwriting NIC firmware. that's pretty scary

27th May, 11:14 am

ok, i want one of these in my air [via wafer]

27th May, 10:28 am

the netflix player looks pretty cool (since i already have an account). maybe worth $100

25th May, 11:28 pm

i think i could take on 32 5 year olds in a fight. but how to verify?

23rd May, 10:48 am

lots of leaked lich king info here

20th May, 8:38 pm

pac-man cupcakes? tasty!

20th May, 11:39 am

wakoopa seems kinda cool. does anyone know if it supports multiple machine profiles?

19th May, 9:31 pm

does anyone know of any good software for creating graphs like this? pc, mac or web based - whatever

19th May, 8:27 pm

i want a ps3 laptop

18th May, 7:55 pm

also, your mechanic is a pony

18th May, 7:11 pm

frisky dingo. we can't ever go back to arizona

14th May, 3:00 pm

some of the slightly less well known http responses [via myles]

13th May, 5:30 pm

adventure time is seriously amazing. is there more of it?

12th May, 3:58 pm

for people with flips, some nice accessories

12th May, 9:04 am

i want a squirrel pasty

9th May, 2:04 pm

that's the second job ad i've seen lately with reading my book as a requirement. that's pretty awesome

8th May, 10:22 pm

john resig is a fucking genius. you can check some of jared's stuff out too. you'll need a super-recent browser though

7th May, 9:57 am

if nothing else, at least he has a good beard

6th May, 5:52 pm

omg want want want. so awsome

6th May, 1:49 pm

charles is a pretty nice looking http debugging proxy