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Legal and Illegal Builds

Jamie Beard's talk on Stressing The Elements looks in detail at how Lego bricks are meant (and not meant) to fit together.

Netflix all the things

It probably seems that about 50% of then things I think about are Lego related, but it's probably closer to about 40%. That being said, Pleygo looks amazing.

Netflix-style Lego rental. Why aren't there more subscription rental services?

Architecture Studio

Lego's new Architecture Studio set (#21050) looks like a lot of fun. You can download a 400 MB PDF of the instruction booklet to see what you'll be getting into.

Found via jeffrey

Lego GBC

Lego-releated post number 3 in a series. Making great ball contraptions is a pretty common Lego thing now, but this 17-module creation is a king among princes.

Gizmodo has some notes - this thing is amazing.

200,000 piece Lego city

Lego post number 2, in a series. This amazing sci-fi city build in Lego is made of over 200,000 pieces and has an incredible amount of detail. I wish I had this many bricks to play with.

What happened to Lego

The first of a series of excellent Lego-related links - a study of the price of Lego bricks over time.

Lego Trees

Does anyone know anything more about the amazing Lego Christmas tree at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I've only come across a single tweet, saying it was made of 350,000 bricks. Pretty impressive.

Japan in 1.8 Million Bricks

This recreation of Japan in a mere 1,800,800 Lego bricks is pretty impressive. With 5000 builders, that's only 360 bricks each. With a relative scale, most of these buildings would be in space.

Reminds me (in scale, if nothing else) of the Lego house from the BBC's Toy Story series.

Home Insurance Building

This custom Lego creation a simply amazing - more than 80,000 bricks to re-create the 1884 Chicago Home Insurance Building, the world's first skyscraper.

You can view the full photo set to see the 60 individual segments.

via brothers-brick

3rd October, 6:23 pm

ooooh - cuusoo is like kickstarter for lego. perhaps it's time to dig out the carcassone designs

20th June, 10:41 am

lego sculpture is like manual minecraft

16th April, 2:35 pm

wow. i now have a new lego hero. new weekend(s) project!

10th April, 1:20 pm

a working bolt-action rifle in lego. watch up until the end to get a demo of the mechanism. very well done

8th April, 4:09 pm

lego sniper rifle is very well done. keep watching for the mechanism demo

6th March, 1:11 pm

this weekend's project - lego carcassonne

28th February, 9:46 am

the lego letterpress is a great idea - easy re-configuration and registration

24th January, 10:28 am

very very cool lego recreation of the antikythera mechanism. the explanation of using the differential to make a 5/19ths mechanism blew my mind.

8th March, 12:51 pm

a really nice lego stop motion. i want to make something like this

21st February, 3:15 pm

this person makes amazing lego. makes me want to give up computers and just build bricks all day

3rd February, 11:57 pm

anyone know who does lego's ads. some really excellent work in there

4th November, 5:01 pm

this investigation into lego nomenclature is excellent. remember having similar issues building something with a friend when young. you know, a "light frame"!

14th October, 2:03 pm

brickbattles is a table-top war game in lego. bogan sent this to me forever ago, but just found it again

17th July, 4:30 pm

stop motion lego arcade is awesome

25th May, 11:53 pm

i find it amusing that i already have about half of these items styled on lego bricks. the sofa would make an excellent addition to my collection though

23rd May, 11:20 pm

brickarms is super cool - custom weapons for lego minifigs

21st May, 12:13 pm

frank lloyd wright lego is more than a little pretentious, but i kinda want it

28th February, 7:14 pm

this lego stargate model is awesome. lights up, rotates and the symbols lock in. hot

8th October, 11:15 am

lego album covers are pretty awesome

10th September, 1:14 pm

lego wall-e is really well done. makes me want to build lego for a living. hmm

9th September, 4:06 pm

looks like a new lego model is taking the prize for most pieces - the taj mahal is huge

30th June, 11:10 am

roo's talk on lego from interesting 08 is great. anyone know if the slides are on slideshare?

20th June, 2:09 pm

new lego death star with stuff inside it? bah. i might have to get it

1st April, 10:29 pm

and i thought our 15 foot lego tower was impressive. i need more bricks

25th November, 10:19 am

i'm already a fan of large lego, but one that walks? oh hell yes

24th October, 3:28 pm

the lego towers are beautiful - i'd love to work on something like that (bonus time-lapse vid here) [via the hamster]

11th September, 4:46 pm

i want a lego rubber-band chain-gun. so cool [via chub]

29th June, 10:03 am

build your own version of the prisoner/portmerion with lego

5th January, 11:12 pm

omg omg omg. next generation mindstorms. anyone know where i can pre-order it?

19th December, 1:00 pm

i had forgotten how awesome the brick testament was.

6th November, 3:54 am

escher in lego

9th June, 4:57 pm

this guy's lego mechs are amazing. very nice work

3rd April, 11:18 pm

i was looking for the lego version of 2001 from awhile back, but came across this version which is both a 2001 parody in lego, and a commentary on the evolution of lego itself.

15th February, 9:42 am

awesome lego cosplay. even e might not be too weirded out by that one. via jc via serge

8th July, 10:41 am

this spiderman 2 in lego movie is fucking awesome - must have taken aaaaaages to make.


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