Posts from August 2007

31st August, 9:50 am

ninjatown looks cool - game is forthcoming [via murphy]

28th August, 1:49 pm

i've ordered my bacon chocolate bar. have you? [via mr baio]

27th August, 9:07 pm

best. thing. ever. loco roco karaoke. i've been singing it all night

27th August, 4:46 pm

the macdonalds nutrition icons doc is great reading [via asc]

26th August, 12:29 pm

ohloh has some interesting views of open source projects - the committer sparklines are especially nice. like a much more polished version of a tool we use internally.

26th August, 12:10 pm

not sure why i'd never seen it before, but grabperf is pretty cool. only the html pull time, so it's not super useful for actual customer impact measurement, but still some interesting data (and nice graphs!)

25th August, 11:50 pm

death at a funeral is well worth watching. with the added tom/zoe bonus

22nd August, 9:39 am

content-aware image resizing is fucking cool [via glish]

21st August, 4:05 pm

dave winer on the flickr api: not sure what the format of a "unix timestamp" is. ahahahahaha

21st August, 8:26 am

transformers oragmai (almost)? yes! that takes some serious patience

20th August, 5:05 pm

lost garden is a lovely game design weblog and the challenge tileset is inspiring

20th August, 1:32 pm

i now own a bike. that's like 80% of the way towards being healthy

16th August, 8:36 am

spectrum! fits right in with this week's office theme [via nj]

14th August, 3:06 pm

bookmarking for a later - fb code leaks

14th August, 2:54 pm

the blik/threadless wall prints are lovely lovely lovely

13th August, 11:19 pm

wordie is awesome, even ignoring the clever strap

13th August, 4:37 pm has the best unicode codepoint reference docs i've seen [via ph]

13th August, 8:27 am

typetester is fun for messing about with fonts in css - very slick and simple

12th August, 10:39 pm

waiwera infinity has lovely glass bottles. anyone know where you can buy it in sf?

9th August, 11:57 am

for future reference - a library to unpack MoPaQ archives for WoW

9th August, 11:28 am

the 38th signal is all about pushing the envelope

9th August, 10:19 am

where does dunstan find this stuff?

8th August, 10:56 am

this would make a fairly awesome movie [via dunstan]