Posts from September 2009

28th September, 7:27 pm

as bjork has learned, never trust an icelandic poet

28th September, 12:13 pm

i've seen a couple of stop motion painting animations before, but this one is lovely

26th September, 5:21 pm

this ramstein video is pretty awesome

21st September, 10:15 am

PIG 05049 tracks all the products made from a single pig

20th September, 6:03 pm

google relives my old painful walk to university. 41 minutes, while most people were on-campus. it always rained. every day.

20th September, 4:40 pm

yo dawg, it hath crossed mine knowledge...

20th September, 4:35 pm

even if you don't like arcade fire, watch this video. they are lovely

19th September, 2:19 pm

interesting demo video of hardware trojans added to ICs

19th September, 12:19 pm

old, but still good: Java2K uses a 11-based number system, which is a very good approximation of the 10-based decimal system for many purposes, including counting up to and including 9.

19th September, 11:20 am

a trichinosis larva and a botfly maggot walk into a bar...

18th September, 3:11 pm

this norton ad is so dumb that it loops back around to genius

18th September, 2:48 pm

the best kanye parody so far. #23498234 in an infinite series

18th September, 1:45 am

chopping board + scales + e-ink = 1-3 years away? nice concept

17th September, 3:17 pm

a great time lapse video of the bay bridge construction work

16th September, 10:24 am

the bbc reports on the mission

11th September, 2:57 am

this interactive mirror demo is awesome. one foot thick and powered by flash? magic

10th September, 2:23 pm

i'm in the wrong country, but pretend to be a time traveler day sounds fun

8th September, 11:49 pm

flags made of national foods. genuinely awesome

8th September, 11:44 pm

i'm moving to nebraska

8th September, 9:26 am

intelligent lasers are the future

7th September, 6:16 pm

quite a good tv ad from the uk. clever

5th September, 6:10 pm

approval ratings over time of the recent US presidents. data porn ftw

4th September, 10:30 am

awesome experimental penguin book covers from 1948

1st September, 4:51 pm

"Basically what Hello Kitty's bones would taste like if you ground them with a pestle and mortar"