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18th April, 8:58 pm

the final frontier: bacon roses

18th January, 4:18 pm

the correct way to make breakfast. thanks mr wistow

18th March, 9:30 pm

just ordered some of this. i think it will make my life better

15th December, 4:51 pm

this way for bacon and toast. i'd like to see a whole book of these

21st October, 5:12 pm

just ordered some bacon jam. this is going to be great

19th May, 12:44 pm

bacon guns. i'm not sure if i'm for it or against it. but it looks tasty. tasty tasty death

6th May, 10:07 am

squeezable bacon sounds pretty gross actually. but i need to try it

21st April, 9:52 am

is a pocket bacon app worth 2 dollars. err, probably

15th April, 2:18 pm

"The challenge isn't creating the heat; it's engineering a bacon structure strong enough to withstand the stress of a 5,000°F bacon plasma flame."

31st March, 11:37 am

the oakland tribune covered san francisco's first baconcamp, including a photo of me judging some bacon-wrapped dates on the front page of the timeout section

28th February, 7:15 pm

my version of the bacon explosion was a success. need more practice smoking things on my bbq

5th February, 2:41 am

bacon burger looks tasty. time to buy a grinder

25th November, 1:31 am

tasty but so evil? bacon hitler intrigues and does not disappoint

21st November, 1:20 pm

learn how to say bacon in american sign language. thanks kelsey

19th November, 11:22 am


11th November, 2:42 pm

bacon bon bons = win, basically

10th November, 2:03 pm

chicken fried bacon? the edge of the richmond is probably close enough for a quick excursion

30th October, 3:10 pm

a bacon lampshade would probably start to smell at some point (more excellent stuff on the tumblelog too) [via rr]

21st October, 3:24 pm

virtual bacon? not as good as physical bacon, for sure [via rr]

21st October, 12:40 pm

more on bacon watch: i wish i liked peanut butter. looks tasty

21st October, 12:35 pm

is bacon jumping the shark? maybe [via rr]

21st October, 12:32 pm

hi-res photos of bacon for desktop wallpaper [via rr]

7th October, 4:12 pm

You are going to be working with an enzyme that bonds protein. You are made of protein.

3rd October, 4:02 pm

a bacon bracelet? excellent attire [via ross]

29th September, 3:28 pm

more on bacon - rod points out baconshirts which i had inexplicably missed until now

29th September, 11:42 am

a bacon heart tshirt - adding some bacon to your morning [via jessa]

28th September, 10:27 pm

maybe not everything containing bacon is awesome? or is it???! nope, pretty sure it's not awesome [updated: fixed the link]

26th September, 4:21 pm

Not even 80 million years can separate velociraptors from the goodness of bacon.

24th September, 11:26 am

bacon flavored toothpicks help bring bacon goodness to every meal

3rd September, 10:05 pm

after discovering baconbuzz, i've been coming across gems like this for the last few weeks

27th August, 10:44 pm

this is some cutlery i would buy. thanks to mr baio, on vigilant bacon-watch

26th August, 2:06 pm

a making bacon slideshow (p.s. new flickr slideshow is awesome) [via js]

21st August, 9:22 pm

i remember why i never watch tv - i now need a baconator

21st August, 9:15 pm

big fat bacon: "1/3 lb slice of bacon fried and carmelized with maple syrup, served on a stick with dipping sauces". i'm in love

15th August, 1:01 pm

bacon angel!

14th August, 2:59 pm

...a machine detected that a piece of bacon ... had a similar molecular density to certain types of explosives.

28th July, 4:13 pm

not sure how this never made it to the blog - salon on bacon via mr baio

8th July, 9:07 am

bacon perfume? hardly the worst idea i've ever heard. [thanks alfie]

30th June, 11:05 am

i need a bacon scented tux. srsly

17th June, 10:41 am

baconhenge? myles is my copilot

10th June, 3:33 pm

also in bacon news: the bacini (thanks andy)

10th June, 2:44 pm

a recipe for kitten bacon. thanks bogan

3rd June, 2:56 pm

bacon + fries + stick = awesome

31st May, 2:57 pm

thanks to mr baio for pointing out this informative bacon chart. i totally agree

3rd April, 12:52 pm

omg. i almost wish i were a woman. bacon couture is the way forward

31st March, 8:23 am

homemade bacon vodka? sounds interesting. maybe murphy has made some [via nik]

13th March, 9:05 am

maybe i should just rename this blog iambacon. some maple-bacon lollies. i've ordered mine [via fraser]

3rd March, 10:00 am

bacon cups? i think i might replace all of my dishes with bacon. but not fill them with salad. what a waste [via chandler]

15th December, 11:02 am

omg. bacon cookies look awesome. thanks to fraser for finding that gem

4th December, 12:23 pm

omg. homemade bacon. omg

1st November, 1:55 pm

the header on this site makes me hungry

28th August, 1:49 pm

i've ordered my bacon chocolate bar. have you? [via mr baio]

19th July, 4:20 pm

google has the best food ever [via murphy]

18th July, 1:12 pm

i've ordered by baconsalt - have you [via murphy]

21st June, 4:33 pm

kelsey points out the bacon placemats - "The next logical step is, naturally, bacon textiles"

31st May, 2:17 pm

bacon cupcakes? fuck yeah

23rd March, 2:10 pm

i want/need a wake n bacon

8th August, 3:56 pm

baconaise might just be the culinary invention of the century [via stew]


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