Posts from June 2011

28th June, 4:44 pm

i want to eat all of them. it's like pokemon, but for maple based confections

28th June, 4:33 pm

writing a book on github is pretty cool i guess

28th June, 4:12 pm

the minecraft note cube is kinda cool, but where are the other blocks?

27th June, 11:54 am

david singleton nicely illustrates the problem with mobile tcp and exponential backoff

27th June, 11:05 am

simple idea, excellent effect: spaghetti tentacles

27th June, 10:14 am

these illustrations of episodes from the recent series of doctor who are great

26th June, 6:08 pm

tea party is by far the best app on the ipad so far

25th June, 10:48 pm

interested in transit mapping? then settle in and read this excellent paper

25th June, 7:28 pm

perfect. now we just need a giant poptart

23rd June, 2:38 pm

codahale on cap, harvest and yield. everyone designing distributed systems should read this

22nd June, 6:04 pm

ooh, the why yachts are now really for sale. i'll take a dozen

20th June, 10:41 am

lego sculpture is like manual minecraft

18th June, 2:11 pm

note to self: the solution to mediatemple/plesk/qmail not send email to your own domain correctly

7th June, 5:08 pm

php sadness points out a lot of real issues, but it's still the best tool for many problems

7th June, 12:58 pm

these classic behind-the-scenes pictures are great

6th June, 10:29 pm

spotify needs this album. my playlist is not complete without it

1st June, 5:19 pm

windows 8 is looking just like the current slick windows mobile ui. bet it looks awful by the time it comes out though