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Chief O'Brien at Work

A short comic in which the ennui of TNG's Chief O'Brien is explored.

Click and Drag

Today's xkcd combines my love of xkcd and slippy maps. And it's a big one. Luckily someone has put together a draggable/zoomable version.

11th May, 10:44 am

having recently re-played half-life 2 (in the wake of the portal 2 release), i've been re-reading concerned, an excellent hl2 parody comic

3rd February, 3:05 pm

once you figure out how to go to the next strip (hey, why not make it obvious?), axe cop is awesome

19th January, 11:52 pm

you're acting like a human. a white human<a/>. alp still going strong

23rd December, 10:53 pm

magnetic fields song in comic form. awesome

16th December, 11:57 pm

i've linked to it before, but this dresden codak story is excellent. i highly recommend the book if you can find a copy

12th October, 1:57 pm

i recently re-read the whole of concerned. definitely worth it

11th March, 2:43 pm

the watchmen screenwriter is urging people to go and see it again. shame

24th September, 12:08 pm

i love the phrase eleventy billion. it's wigu's fault

3rd September, 9:43 pm

this xkcd still makes me smile. it helps if you've seen the discovery channel advert

11th August, 1:14 pm

a lesson is learned, but the damage is irreversible. go and read it all. now. i'll wait. all done? wasn't that worth it? [via myles]

10th August, 10:52 pm

the spectral wolf fears only fire. godspeed

7th August, 12:34 pm

an awesome sweeny todd / over compensating mashup

18th July, 2:21 am

ok ok, watchmen does look reasonably badass

5th April, 12:31 am

man, i wish vera would finish return to sender. i've been waiting years to find out what happens

15th November, 10:12 am

accidentally just read diesel sweeties and there was (fortuitously?) a flickr reference

7th November, 9:40 am

wigu is coming back!

17th February, 11:02 pm

nerd distractions - a conversation in comments between warren ellis and joss whedon

2nd February, 1:54 pm

a softer world is a very wry pseudo-comic

2nd November, 1:14 pm

new to the awesome comics list - Dr McNinja

24th October, 4:34 pm

salty pointed me to this interesting article about the whole jack thompson / penny arcade dispute. makes for interesting reading.

24th October, 11:57 am

shaw island is really sharp lately (and that's the first post in a while that tagyu hasn't been able to make any suggestions for)

30th June, 8:59 pm

on the day i request a desk as far from the window as possible, penny arcade is describing my life.

25th May, 11:56 pm

more from the midsts of (internet) time - the very first strip of "when i grow up", the pre-cursor to wigu, mais, overcompenstaing, etc

17th May, 2:24 pm

alp is still a piece of genius. nice side pieces by the artist too - today's on hayfever is great.

11th May, 2:28 pm

nsfw: alien and predator porn. that is wrong on so many levels [via alp]

28th April, 11:11 pm

jeff is alive! but cats are still a mystery

28th April, 9:52 am

dinosaur comics has new tshirts. must... order...

27th April, 12:59 pm

jeff's still dead, but is speaking with god. i feel this is going to end well.

25th April, 12:28 am

jeff rowland is dead, after an epic gun battle with death himself. rip jeff, we will miss you.

14th April, 10:16 pm

ryan (of dinosaur comics fames) has written probably the best livejournal post ever. i kinda sorta want to give it a try

4th April, 11:22 am

i'm not sure whether i'm looking forward to the ppg anime that seems to be in the pipeline (pic1, pic2) (found by lealea at ). the characters seem a little over-characterised, but that much was inevitable. the result will be interesting, if not great.

21st March, 2:12 pm

alien love predator is a great web comic. [via matts]

24th February, 11:52 pm

it look like j-ro is going to be doing a joanna shirt - utterly awesome.

24th February, 11:08 pm

dave hoffman wrote a song titled 'i was a teenage billionaire psychopath' (j-ro reference) and it's not bad.

16th February, 1:36 pm

the order of the stick - a comic chub pointed me too. need to read it when i get more time.

9th February, 3:51 pm


4th February, 3:46 pm

wulffmorgenthaler is a reasonably good comic. via the long-absent juff

31st January, 9:28 am

jeff is selling a fantastic wigu painting on ebay. when it gets closer the ending date, i may have to bid. it could be the only depiction of sherif pony's wife, outside of butter dimension3

25th January, 9:33 am

dinosaur comics is great - saw it a while back, but kal just relinked

17th January, 11:55 pm

jeff's new comic has started. here's hoping it's awesome. looks interesting so far.

13th December, 9:42 am

wigu is finishing at the end of the year. words cannot describe how sad i am :(

7th December, 5:22 pm

tom points to a wonderful study of cartoon characters' skeletal systems. including the power puff girls (yay!)

26th November, 12:20 am

more lowbright action: same difference is stunning.

23rd November, 7:58 pm

lea knows all - lowbright has some really awesome comics.

7th November, 12:11 am

the perry bible fellowship is really good - well worth a trawl through the archives.

5th November, 12:29 pm

more election related crap: (wtf? i'm not even american) jeff r's new shirt is super-awesome.

4th November, 10:30 am

jeff r is still overcompensating wildly.

29th October, 11:41 am

a friend of lea's is doing some cool work.

26th October, 9:34 am

i shouold get hold of a copy of flight volume one

20th October, 9:19 am

jeff r is overcompensating. looks promising.

28th September, 12:09 pm

jeff r of wigu fame pointed out the beautifully drawn "a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible". i might make it a regular read.

15th September, 12:01 am

OS-tan might be the coolest/oddest thing i've seen in a while. a manga/os-wars crossover. wikipedia knows all.

14th September, 11:24 am

wigu fan art in the form of a tDR parody. oooh - i wonder if tDR have new shirts out.

26th August, 12:30 pm

jeff has a sheriff pony tattoo. that's just too cool.

19th July, 12:40 pm

saw spiderman 2 again. dunst doesn't look so great with auburn hair. she also has crazy ideas.

14th July, 5:43 pm

this comic was found by tom. it really does resemble me, in a way i'm slightly embarrased to admit. but it's just so sunny outdoors :/

13th July, 1:47 pm

anything worth doing is worth maybe dying for. and stuff. <3