Posts from January 2009

27th January, 4:55 pm

grow tower is infuriating. has anyone solved it?

27th January, 12:44 pm

with eric in the office, the visual beard guide is pretty useful

23rd January, 12:03 am

iphone emoji is the best thing this week. maybe ever?

22nd January, 4:15 pm

warzone 2100 looks pretty cool. yay for old games under GNU

21st January, 1:04 am

i need one of these bad boys. any ideas where?

13th January, 4:46 pm

all news and weather should be delivered by people cuddling cats. it's for the best [via myles]

13th January, 1:31 pm

can't get into tork much. am i impatient, or is it just dull?

12th January, 1:17 pm

burgerking (!?) have some pretty awesome tshirts (best) [via dunstan]

11th January, 5:58 pm

go and vote for fuck you penguin. it's the right thing to do

6th January, 1:37 pm

these Luigi Colani designs are awesome. how planes were meant to be