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17th June, 11:50 pm

nethax is an ajax nethack [via joshua]

24th March, 3:52 pm

noah stokes' new "portfolio" is excellent. i'd hire him

27th March, 6:31 pm

bookmarking for later use - an ajax loading graphic wizard (i can never find this when i need it)

23rd February, 5:03 pm

the us patent syetem is just plain dumb

5th November, 5:42 pm

eric's been digging up a couple of really neat http upload related tools lately - two ajax progress meters for php and this neat multi-file upload ui.

7th October, 4:11 pm

it's looks like there's an ajax-y version of subetha-edit - synchro edit is worth checking out.

18th August, 1:09 pm

protopage is a really fun (and beautiful) ajax page building apps. [via aaron]