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Oh god, I need to get all of these. Especially the narwhal.

29th April, 10:42 pm

sharkify got a bit of an update after some prodding by mr schachter. positioning is now more even and clicking on sharks makes more sharks. magic!

9th September, 5:13 pm

i love nut and bee and think i'll get some prints. anyone got any? i wonder what the quality is like

21st July, 10:31 am

ok, graffiti snails are pretty badass. i want some as pets

18th July, 1:51 pm

cute tortoise alert!

12th May, 9:04 am

i want a squirrel pasty

1st April, 10:33 pm

can't. stop. watching. dramatic. lemur

1st December, 11:44 am

monty on the run, hamster style

27th September, 11:09 pm

"beedogs is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes". seriously

5th September, 10:50 pm

paul ford has gone insane, but in a good way [via pb]

4th May, 9:27 am

this guide to making rare animals with paper is very fun. with patterns to print out and make. [via sue]

25th January, 1:52 pm

vacuum cleaner too unsightly? then cover it with a frightening animal cover. john's in the office and providing linkage.

21st January, 4:19 pm

if this isn't a sign of the coming apocalypse, i don't know what is. phones for pets. phones. for. pets. PHONES. FOR. PETS.