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Architecture Studio

Lego's new Architecture Studio set (#21050) looks like a lot of fun. You can download a 400 MB PDF of the instruction booklet to see what you'll be getting into.

Found via jeffrey

This review of Doom 3's source release is full of tons of interesting stuff, even for non-graphics programmers. [via waferbaby]

Twelve-factor app

12 factor app says a lot of good things that i agree with, but the server-process model rule is odd. there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason why the php/apache/processes model is wrong, but it's not allowed. uh?

23rd June, 2:38 pm

codahale on cap, harvest and yield. everyone designing distributed systems should read this

22nd June, 6:04 pm

ooh, the why yachts are now really for sale. i'll take a dozen

25th April, 11:00 pm

nice piece from mark at joyent about the dangers of abstraction

12th January, 1:19 pm

it's true - sci-fi corridors are fascinating

11th October, 11:12 am

an excellent description of the applied CAP theorem and thinking about systems design in terms of yield/harvest

29th May, 4:59 pm

cameron's house is for sale. car not included, presumably

23rd May, 11:22 pm

some really nice bizarre building designs over on toxel today

21st May, 12:13 pm

frank lloyd wright lego is more than a little pretentious, but i kinda want it

12th September, 3:11 pm

super micro home - did i link this forever-ago? couldn't find it

26th July, 9:54 am

high scalability seems like a reasonable collection of arch articles and details.

24th April, 3:38 pm

the new songdo city project looks really interesting - if you build a new city from scratch, can you improve on what we already have, or does it become a souless business park? [via jc]

19th April, 9:23 am

angermann2 is my new favorite weblog. architecture, cartography and bold design.

26th March, 10:56 am

random images from the flickr-stream: fractal architecture. anyone know where this it?