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6th February, 10:46 am

mp3 decoding is interesting

8th July, 2:05 pm

bookmarking for the future: echoprint is a free open-source music fingerprinting system

20th April, 10:13 am

a really nice cellular automata generative audio toy

17th December, 4:40 pm

isle of tune is an awesome idea, very well executed

11th May, 6:29 pm

the new propellerheads software, record, looks really nicely done. reason plus multi-tracking equals win. but i'd rather they just upgraded reason of course...

9th April, 2:39 pm

audiotool is an amazing piece of work - reason redone in flash. very very slick. seems to be the work of andre michelle, whose demo work is also excellent

7th April, 10:17 pm

tonematrix is a really fun little toy for making music. best part: it always sounds good

16th March, 3:36 pm

airfoil is awesome - play system audio over air tunes (when listening to pownce tunes, for instance). thanks mattb

28th July, 5:24 pm proxy lets you listen to streams in regular audio players - nice

21st February, 1:54 pm

i can't stand listening to myself, but if you can bear it a podcast from the london webapps summit is online. oh, and all the other speakers too.

7th January, 12:41 am

audioscrobbler's web services offerings are looking a lot more comprehensive these days. need to hook up the media page at some point soon.

2nd July, 10:22 am

i was pointed at this stupidly good voice synthesis demo. the british, especially, rocks.