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Chrome continue to get better and better. Ilya Grigorik explains some of the optimizations going on under the hood in this chapter from an upcoming performance book. If you work on the web, it's a fascinating read.

16th March, 2:28 pm

the katamari damacy bookmarklet is the best thing i've seen so far this year. for reals

24th November, 7:34 pm

browserling seems like a good idea, but i don't understand what it's actually doing. and it's dog slow

19th March, 11:23 am

this is what IE6 deprecation pages should look like. well, maybe.

2nd March, 9:19 pm

has anyone played with stainless as a browser for osx?

28th February, 7:13 pm

warehouse looks pretty good, but it requires both ruby on rails (easy-ish to install) and the ruby-svn bindings (which are basically a bitch). why do the harder languages to get up and running on the web (ruby and python) require the bindings while the easier languages (php and perl) just shell out and so work easily? gah. currently using websvn in php which does a reasonable job and is trivial to set up.

27th October, 12:31 pm

fennec looks pretty cool. is there an emulator i can try it on?

9th October, 9:34 am

mr hicks is going to do design for opera. should be interesting

20th September, 8:19 pm

i guess flock got their wish in the end. running into new flock folks the other day made me realize quite how long it's been. we're living in the future

5th September, 10:27 am

via myles: a partial listing of the about: pages in google chrome

3rd March, 4:12 pm

microsoft to not be jerks by default. that's pretty awesome news

5th July, 4:58 pm

wow, wtf is this about. it's breaking some flickr stuff in saf 3

27th October, 3:10 pm

flock is really doing the rounds at the moment. here's a nice bbc piece by paul mason.

27th October, 1:19 pm

an 'expose' for firefox tabs plugin (ff 1.5 only) is pretty cool (via aaron). just hit f8 once installed.

22nd October, 1:43 pm

forget flock - get flocq

19th September, 9:49 am

the ie developer toolbar, out 3 days ago, is really really good

11th April, 10:31 am

instructions for setting up a web browser on your psp. good stuff.

16th March, 7:27 am

a good gzip compression browser support summary. if you want to lower your bandwidth at the cost of cpu time, then it's well worth a try.