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As a color blind human, this New Republic article on color perception is pretty interesting. The book is probably worth a read.

2nd September, 1:34 pm

if lolcat didn't require such a recent ruby, i'd alias it to cat on every system i use. genius

30th April, 1:07 pm

color profiles are coming in ff3. the march towards betterness continues

16th October, 9:47 am

a nice little toy - generate a color palette from an image [via dvp]

18th November, 10:18 am

the corporate identity catalogue is just too cool

18th November, 10:14 am

phil posted a really interesting visualization of corporate logo colors to flickr

27th October, 3:53 pm

just stumbled over milo's color pages again. beautiful

26th October, 12:43 pm

aaron dug up a link to sim-daltonism for osx. it's based on colorlab which i'd seen some time ago (years?) but is still fairly useful. i need to take the time to dig in the source and find out whether they're using a matrix, fixed data set or some formulae.

12th March, 1:03 pm

smugmug's article about printing color photos, color spaces and icc profiles is very interesting stuff.

24th August, 10:20 pm

this rather snazzy color wheel stole my colorblind data values and tried to hide it. when i would have happily supplied them anyway. idiots.