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Perhaps next time I'm writing a presentation, I'll give reveal.js a try. Some of the examples looks pretty good.

22nd August, 4:56 pm

bootstrap looks like a nice basis for web work. not a fan of the less approach though - wjy not do that on the server?

21st October, 11:30 am

this video demo of open type features in firefox is so hot. so hot

24th March, 3:52 pm

noah stokes' new "portfolio" is excellent. i'd hire him

3rd March, 4:25 pm

the quirksmode page on wrappable zero-width spacing for the web is interesting. seems like we still need to browser detect, but we can use ­ everywhere but FF2, so it's not a tough detection (=~ /Firefox\/2./). I wonder though, does putting the hyphen within (as in ppk's example) a function name cause ambiguity? maybe zero-width space (with wbr tags for old IEs) is a better generic solution. what are other people using?

19th December, 3:19 pm

give up and use tables. 47 minutes seems fair. why have i never seen this before?

28th October, 11:15 pm

css tables are pretty awesome. i like the future

27th October, 2:09 pm

typeface.js is crazy awesome - convert a typeface to a series of JSON vectors, then render text using a canvas element for each word, with paths for the characters. evil but wonderful

28th August, 11:14 pm

taptaptap has pretty apps with a lovely js interface. loving the screenshot viewer thingy

20th December, 7:11 pm

salti pointed out this nice article about producing pretty bar graphs with CSS

16th March, 7:33 am

TreeMenu3 looks like a nice robust dhtml tree menu (if such a thing can exist), which is built entirely by transforming ul/li elements in-place, so degrades beautifully.

13th March, 2:19 pm

chris wilson, ie team veteran, talks about commitment to standards support in IE7, and credits eric, amongst others, for marking the way forward.

12th March, 5:15 pm

ie still hasn't fixed this dumb css borders bug (was evident on lea's site). grr. hurry up with ie7 already.

8th February, 1:53 pm

jc points out the w3c column spec for css, which seems to get the point for once. whether and when this becomes a standard (and a supported one) remains to be seen of course.

21st January, 4:01 pm

the css zen garden, 1990's style. nopw those are some high quality animations.

31st August, 10:30 am

bookmarked because i've found this useful a number of times: an article about styling hr elements.