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Sarah Lyall's piece in the New York Times gives a little insight into the cultural differences between us and them.

Jason Evanish writes an excellent 25 things to know when moving to San Francisco. It's pretty much spot-on.

14th September, 1:36 pm

hipster dinosaurs is just very very well done

12th June, 6:33 pm

know your asian poses

27th June, 7:34 pm

mr salt has located some excellently geeky clothing made from computer and electronics nerdery.

27th June, 3:45 pm

sal linked me to bbc's live recordings of glastonbury. some quality belle and sebastian. muse should be up there soon.

23rd May, 4:21 pm

my new favourite band are the decemberists. Their 2003 album "Castaways and Cutouts" really rules. I must get hold of their 2004 EP.

7th May, 8:10 pm

Stewart lacks organisational skills: tar: File name too long for ustar dvd/Desktop/April 2003 desktop/feb2003 desktop crap/Desktop/October Desktop/desktop/desktop crap feb/Doors 6/5k_nov7 Folder/sylloge2000/archives2_sept2000/sylloge_archive_03-14-00/www/animations/cover animation/gifs for ani/text w_ shaded pics/TND and houses.txt

3rd May, 9:33 pm

this movie is utter genius. funny, clever and oh so right. [via coates]

25th April, 1:45 am

i'm converting citycreator to flash, as my first big project. after quite a few hours of battling against flash i seem to be making some progress. i'm conviced flash was designed to stop people from building useful applications out of it, and optimized for shitty vector based movies.

27th March, 8:37 pm

"But don't take those pills your boyfriend gave you, You're too wonderful to die". i heart neutral milk hotel

21st March, 8:38 pm

lost in translation was great, but reading this translation of a key scene adds even more. i wish i spoke japanese. i'm really considering learning

16th March, 11:11 am

garned from The Face mailing list this morning, a selection of lego films. requires divx, but well worth the download. if i had more free time, this is what i'd be making.

15th March, 10:10 am

channel 4's new advert is a work of genius. i'm not quite sure what it's supposed to say about the channel, but it makes me sit up and take notice.

3rd March, 6:54 pm

rumor has it that natalie portman is going to be in a sequal to luc besson's fantastic leon. now that would fucking rule.

22nd February, 10:55 am

i take back at least some of what i've said about the uk music charts - my favourite track from the latest belle and sebastian album is in the top twenty. nice to hear radio one playing something half decent.

20th February, 10:51 am

on the advice of a indie kid friend, i bought a pair of kristin hersh albums (sky motel and the grotto). in a word: stunning. the grotto, especially, i touching and sad, but with some excellent euphoric moments (listen to "Silver Sun"). definately my favourite album of the moment.

20th February, 9:18 am

went to see lowgold at lunchtime. they played a small set (four tracks) from their newish album "welcome to winners". in a small club under little portland street, it was for radio execs as far as i could make out (i built their website and their management invited us along). very good stuff. i recommend you buy their cd.