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23rd June, 2:38 pm

codahale on cap, harvest and yield. everyone designing distributed systems should read this

28th September, 11:08 pm

jeremy cole has finally solved the mysql swapping-for-no-reason issue. very nice work [via ph]

19th August, 2:15 pm

thanks to kastner for pointing me to this thread from 6 years ago. guess what retarded commenters? i was right all along. see also: everything written on large distributed databases since then.

16th August, 9:30 pm

noting these down for later reference - two excellent answers on quora from adam d'angelo on why quora uses mysql instead of postgres or a nosql solution. he says everything i've been saying for the last few years, but more eloquently

24th October, 9:18 am

a couple of interesting alternatives to phpMyAdmin, both simpler: sqlbuddy looks like a really well done minimalist effort, while phpMiniAdmin like like PMA from 10 years ago.

20th March, 9:28 pm

the movie timeline is a lovely compilation of dates

18th September, 11:17 am

in a joe stump talk at the expo - had not heard of base before, as an alternative to acid in our new cap world. flickr is pretty base