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2nd February, 4:18 pm

microsoft's upcoming edition of windows for europe is no longer being given a truthful name in fear that consumers wont want it. err right. of course they wont want it - because the whole anti-trust thing is fucking over the users. what good is a version of windows that you can't watch dvds on, or listen to mp3s with. this is basically just ridiculous.

22nd January, 9:53 pm

after watching ghost in the shell 2, i found out about the tv series - standalone complex. and now i have it on dvd. could be some good watching ahead.

19th January, 9:01 pm

i hate dvd anti-theft packaging so bad. it's all very well gaurding against someone stealing a disc in-store, but at what point does it become too much? when i have to spend five minutes opening a disc? when i have to resort to big knives? when i tear through the sleve peeling the seals off? gah.