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Frog Fractions

Frog Fractions is, without a doubt, the best frog-based educational fractions game.

The game is a little deeper than it first appears - make sure you get the presidential pool upgrade.

20th March, 2:15 pm

oh adobe. i can understand not wanting to change APIs for backward compatibility, but when it's a long-standing security hole, perhaps you could at least aspire to fix it

17th December, 4:40 pm

isle of tune is an awesome idea, very well executed

12th July, 11:17 am

can't play coma for long, because the controls are awful, but it's beautiful

25th March, 9:59 am

continuity is a great concept. very addictive little puzzler

24th February, 12:03 pm

cannablat has nothing on robot unicorn attack. seriously

23rd February, 4:31 pm

sushi cat is a super fun little game. a little over-easy, but very cute

29th January, 1:22 pm

where we remain is a really wonderful little flash game that makes me want to start making little games. who's with me? [via joshua]

14th August, 10:06 am

these LED stair rails are great, but the designer's site is a flash monstrosity that wont let me view his portfolio. why do people think that's clever?

27th July, 1:58 pm

this interactive music video is wonderful. takes a while to load, and isn't obvious what's going on (percentage at the center bottom on light type)

24th July, 11:46 am

adobe recommends against visiting untrusted sites until the flash bug is fixed. oh, like the whole web. great

2nd July, 10:16 am

this nyc subway ridership map is very very nice. great presentation

1st June, 7:52 pm

pro-tip for working with scenes in flash CS3 (not needed in CS4). you have to have something on the timeline (even an empty comment will work) for the scenes to be accessible at run time (from a wrapper swf). otherwise scenes.length will always be 1 and the scenes wont have any names. thanks to lapsus bloggus for being the only person of the web to figure it out and talk about it

7th May, 10:42 pm

wiggle jiggle, yellow middle, that's the best of what you are. this is the best thing i've EVER heard or seen

4th May, 9:31 pm

comcast town seems like a snazzy update to citycreator, but is kinda sucks. lost all me designs with an exploratory click. menus are too deep and hidden (i want to see everything!) and the tooltips are dog slow. bah. do it right please!

9th April, 2:39 pm

audiotool is an amazing piece of work - reason redone in flash. very very slick. seems to be the work of andre michelle, whose demo work is also excellent

7th April, 10:17 pm

tonematrix is a really fun little toy for making music. best part: it always sounds good

27th January, 4:55 pm

grow tower is infuriating. has anyone solved it?

13th January, 1:31 pm

can't get into tork much. am i impatient, or is it just dull?

19th November, 2:52 pm

has anyone played any of the bigpoint games? are they any good?

24th September, 11:37 am

did i ever link to bomomo? i should have, because it's awesome fun

5th June, 8:33 am

probably not useful in any way, but bomomo is pretty. ish

2nd June, 5:27 pm

joshua insists this is great, but i suck at it. click click click

23rd July, 2:57 pm

no real idea what this is about, but it's very purty [via glo]

21st July, 2:14 pm

there's a seqel to the murloc rpg now out - need to find some time to play through it :)

28th February, 2:24 pm

flash breast simulation. the effort that went into this is staggering [via coates]

20th October, 10:33 am

salty pointed me to the library that underlies the flash nyc subway map. looks pretty cool. would be better if you could somehow pass mouse events through to the browser. can't you send data in that direction from flash?

11th October, 8:10 pm

this nyc subway map is very very cool - google maps plus flash for some nice interactivity.

22nd July, 2:04 pm

this musical flash toy [via b3ta] is great.

28th April, 12:40 am

this flash animation goes on forever (20 minutes and still going), but is a fantastic final fantasy 6 pastiche on the browser wars (featuring psp as the evil super villan). via p-a [update - 40 minutes!]

1st March, 10:22 pm

i'm not sure how old this is (just turned up on oc), but weebl's style is awesome. and disturbing, if you watch for long enough.

1st March, 5:59 pm

jeffld pointed me at instant-demo a while back for making screen movies. i find it easier to use screencam, edit it in premiere if needed, then add stuff in flash.

10th February, 12:21 pm

a nice flash version of bubble bobble [via lealea]

28th January, 10:30 am

creamy creamy cream cheesey cream cheese. taste my squirrelly wrath. [via matts]

21st October, 11:35 pm

this bush animcation is actually amusing

28th July, 7:01 pm

flashkit is a constant source of despair for me. when i come up against some dumb problem in flash, i sometimes eventually post in the flashkit forums. to date, i've always recieved an entirely unhelpful solution, and usually by the same user, which doesn't fit the question at all and assumes i'm making a really basic mistake. forums with actually knowlegeable people (like ubbdev in the days of old) are a huge asset for a product's company.

3rd May, 9:33 pm

this movie is utter genius. funny, clever and oh so right. [via coates]


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