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13th July, 10:07 am

a scientific study of the attrition and displacement of teaspoons

22nd March, 11:43 pm

best pull request evar. oh yes

24th July, 5:39 pm

east anglian boy was excellent, but newport state of mind is probably the best

28th July, 3:26 pm

sandwiches as delicious art. mmm

21st July, 1:22 pm

this is why dating zooey deschanel would actually be a bad thing

7th July, 11:02 am

the transformers 2 faq is pretty much the best movie guide i've seen

24th June, 10:43 pm

carnivore? keep being awesome!

12th June, 6:33 pm

know your asian poses

27th May, 7:39 pm

tiny art director is great - make sure you start at the bottom

7th May, 10:42 pm

wiggle jiggle, yellow middle, that's the best of what you are. this is the best thing i've EVER heard or seen

6th February, 12:55 pm

a nice generator for the atheist bus ads currently in london (original)

19th December, 3:19 pm

give up and use tables. 47 minutes seems fair. why have i never seen this before?

19th November, 2:48 pm

give every child a chance. a chance to be eaten alive

19th November, 2:47 pm


22nd October, 4:49 pm


11th October, 2:33 pm

you fell asleep watching a dvd. so familiar

8th July, 3:25 pm

omg! more rapture-based notifications services pls! [via mr burka]

12th November, 1:40 am

i know that linking to lolcats is now against the law or something, but this is too good