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29th May, 5:00 pm

ok, so having a net gun would be fucking awesome. who's in?

19th May, 12:44 pm

bacon guns. i'm not sure if i'm for it or against it. but it looks tasty. tasty tasty death

7th May, 11:01 pm

i'd like to build a coil gun. those are some huge capacitors. or maybe a railgun, in the style of big-u. did anyone but me read that?

28th July, 3:14 pm

particularly applicable to the office this week - nerf gun modifications on instructables [via mroth]

19th March, 5:11 pm

belt fed nerf guns. in want it so hard

28th February, 8:56 pm

halo 3 laser quest? that is seriously awesome [via jess i think]

7th May, 9:26 am

things are escalating in the office [via heather]

11th September, 4:46 pm

i want a lego rubber-band chain-gun. so cool [via chub]