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13th September, 5:29 pm

it's important to defraggle your motherdisc regularly

27th May, 1:26 pm

damn, someone has figured out my secret

11th May, 10:44 am

having recently re-played half-life 2 (in the wake of the portal 2 release), i've been re-reading concerned, an excellent hl2 parody comic

5th August, 2:09 pm

if you've seen the trailer for the facebook movie, this will make a lot more sense: the youtube version

11th June, 7:54 pm

the NPR video from all things d is pretty awesome

20th January, 10:07 pm

coder girl is my new favorite song

30th November, 8:26 pm

the twilight formula explained! nice illustrations

21st October, 12:39 am

nerd merit badges is a cool idea, but they need more. many more

13th October, 12:15 pm

ignoring the background sound (god yes!), what do you think is more complicated than google wave?

18th August, 9:53 am

re-reading hob last night (in a beautiful hand made book version) - the parody article on transhumanism is great

12th August, 10:05 am

after effects can be a little unstable

11th June, 10:02 pm

anil wins at the web. genius

15th May, 10:29 am

be careful, your intestines could spasm with joy

29th April, 10:42 pm

sharkify got a bit of an update after some prodding by mr schachter. positioning is now more even and clicking on sharks makes more sharks. magic!

19th March, 11:23 am

this is what IE6 deprecation pages should look like. well, maybe.

19th November, 2:48 pm

give every child a chance. a chance to be eaten alive

29th October, 5:04 pm

the phone of truth is deceptive!

17th May, 7:08 pm

aaron spotted this little gem of perl wisdom. crazy stuff.