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17th November, 11:17 pm

schiller pointed to a very detailed profiler for IE6+ that can trace execution between javascript and native code and profile it. very data rich

24th October, 9:29 pm

this alternative IE6 warning message is much more to the point

8th November, 11:38 pm

ietab is utter utter genius. it allows you to use IE in certain tabs within firefox, and easily switch between the two. TOO COOL.

19th September, 9:49 am

the ie developer toolbar, out 3 days ago, is really really good

31st May, 7:22 pm

eric pointed me toward trixie, which implements greasemonkey functionality for IE. very very cool.

13th March, 2:19 pm

chris wilson, ie team veteran, talks about commitment to standards support in IE7, and credits eric, amongst others, for marking the way forward.

12th March, 5:15 pm

ie still hasn't fixed this dumb css borders bug (was evident on lea's site). grr. hurry up with ie7 already.

21st February, 10:34 am

robprice found this excellent story on boingboing - jailed for using lynx. onw if only they'd start jailing MacIE users.

21st July, 12:45 pm

what's up with ie lately? it's clutterbar has always been picky about showing favicons, but now it's showing no fav icons and a mix of the ie5 and 6 logos for each favourite. why is the ie5 version even still in the resources for it?