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14th August, 5:03 pm

some of the 23 badly placed web ads are a little lame, but there are some gems in there

3rd September, 9:43 pm

this xkcd still makes me smile. it helps if you've seen the discovery channel advert

14th February, 6:27 pm

webb predicts the current future in the now past with the same old subroutine

7th January, 12:41 am

audioscrobbler's web services offerings are looking a lot more comprehensive these days. need to hook up the media page at some point soon.

31st August, 4:19 pm

pixel is my favourite geek girl: "my husb is watching the bgp announcements". peer1's POPs have stopped announcing their networks via BGP and have dropped off the internet. which sucks for our sites hosted at peer1. oops