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14th May, 12:14 am

trying out plex in place of boxee for managing media on my tv-mac-mini. looks pretty nice, especially the media server bridge for itunes (no need to reindex 25k mp3s this time). just wish the media server would allow your indexed catalog to be a source for another machine, so that my media server can index everything and my tv-box and laptops just act as thin clients

2nd March, 9:19 pm

has anyone played with stainless as a browser for osx?

22nd September, 6:54 pm

i'm trying out busymac to sync my google calendar to ical so that it gets into mobileme and hence onto my iphone. first few steps seem to have worked - now have to wait for mobileme to sync to the phone to see if it all works. that would be nice [update: it works! at least from gcal to iphone]

19th September, 8:56 am

is it just me or does this 'genuine grain' just look like more noise than the 'fake' grain examples? [via nascent guru]

4th October, 3:10 pm

i'm not sure where salty find this stuff, but prepare yourself for mac os classic on a psp. a 4 hour boot cycle. nice

27th April, 3:32 pm

proof, if any were needed, that osx is only for geniuses: the [in]complete guide to osx shortcut keys [via coates]

21st February, 10:34 am

robprice found this excellent story on boingboing - jailed for using lynx. onw if only they'd start jailing MacIE users.

19th January, 1:39 pm

i'd been talking about it since it came out, but this is awesome times one million. [via aaron]