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4th November, 8:04 pm

from the parrot mailing list regarding the stripping of .t file attachments: "This was changed on perl5-porters a few weeks ago, and since then I don't recall seeming a marked increase in troff spam". genius

6th April, 9:50 am

excellent news - nick clark has started work on ponie again, and there's a detailed roadmap

28th March, 11:05 pm

an excellent slide from autrijus' perl 6 talk at yapc::taipei. i'm going to keep that one in mind for future presentations.

6th February, 11:47 pm

autrijus is implementing a featherweight perl6 in haskell. it's on cpan. i'm overly excited.

14th November, 11:23 pm

sam ruby wonders about the implementation of classes in parrot - specifically how to provide a system which can provide both perl and python class semanics, which are wildly different.

2nd November, 10:19 pm

matt diephouse and joshua gatcomb have put together an automated benchmark suite for parrot, which is nice to track alongside trunk development.

17th October, 9:06 pm

pdd7 contains parrot's coding standards. this document alone seems to be larger than most oss projects. a very detailed basis to start coding on. (though i wonder how closely the actual source follows the conventions).

17th October, 6:52 pm

cardinal is a parrot runtime for ruby. it's going to be a close call as to which dyn-language (ruby, python, php) makes it to a parrot-based beta first.

17th October, 3:12 pm

unununium looks like a nice os project. one of the authors is working on adding parrot support. a parrot os would be cool.

14th October, 9:27 am

Inline::Parrot is now in CPAN. i suspect i'll be installing that later today.

13th October, 10:27 am

a nice faq answer about portable single character io. in a nutshell: no. of course, parrot will solve this for us by making everything seem portable.

6th October, 9:59 am

Inline::Parrot looks like fun. not on cpan yet, but probably will be soon i expect.

3rd October, 10:16 pm

cardinal (ruby on parrot) v0.1 has been released. sam ruby is looking interested in parrot.

24th September, 10:17 am

a french compsci teacher is using parrot on their vm course.

20th August, 1:58 pm

steve fink is documenting his quest to write a regexp compiler in parrot. the three days logged so far make for interesting reading.

2nd August, 10:51 pm

span looks to be the first fully featured language built on the parrot vm, and so marks a big milestone in parrot's evolution. leo's python work is coming along too, with an AST generator posted this weekend. parrot is getting closer to the elusive 1.0