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This is my cam is really nicely done; a profile of each camera you've used on Flickr. Chris has a little write up about how it came to be.

4th April, 6:24 pm

it was a joke, and there's been plenty of coverage of why it can't really work, but it sure looks pretty

18th April, 1:29 pm

web dev gang signs. so easy, so nerdy

12th February, 2:51 pm

nice photo journal of the making of japanese knives. anyone know of a US reseller?

13th November, 5:58 pm

check out daniel burka in his high school ska band. music isnt bad either

6th August, 4:10 pm

the telstar blog has photos from the Emirates A380 demo flight out of sfo. even more photos on flickr

5th June, 4:15 pm

a group of people built a camera rig and sent it 30km upwards, taking photos. the videos are awesome

25th March, 9:17 am

office snap shots has cataloged photos of the offices of various tech companies. nice

21st February, 4:51 pm

the most insane part of this tshirt is that it has zooomr, but not the large photo sites...

27th July, 5:54 pm

this 1971 panorama of sf taken fro the top of the bay bridge shows alot of detail of the area i now live in - they're still building the trans-america pyramid and the embarcadero has train lines and a stacked freeway [via gino]

17th May, 4:21 pm

want to take 3d images with an slr? sure! [via heathr]

4th November, 10:59 pm

i was reminded of this photo the other day when jones came by the office. utter genius. it does sound like something i'd say

30th September, 2:34 pm

i'm losing my faith in the sanity of users. note-tastic

17th September, 10:05 pm

super happy dev house 4 was awesome - photographic evidence

4th April, 1:27 pm

forget gaming - the psp is mainly a flickr appliance

26th March, 10:56 am

random images from the flickr-stream: fractal architecture. anyone know where this it?

26th March, 10:54 am

montage-a-google is a really neat little app for generating a zeitgeist via keywords. but using google? pah!

22nd March, 9:48 am

jbum/krazydad is doing some very cool things with flickr - A Thousand and One Sunsets

20th March, 10:29 pm

it's great having esther as in investor - she can take great photos :)

12th March, 1:03 pm

smugmug's article about printing color photos, color spaces and icc profiles is very interesting stuff.

8th March, 11:15 pm

hanni found this excellent photo. great colors.

4th February, 2:25 pm

am idea from tom, so i shouldn't take any credit - londonbloggers now has flickr photos for each station.

1st February, 7:39 pm

the upside to peer1 is that it's on the 21st floor in downtown vancouver and has an awesome view. the downside? well, we'll get to that in due course.

11th October, 11:35 pm

flickrwatch: i am not a nugget

3rd October, 11:31 pm

lovely photoset on flickr - robots demand the right to vote in edmonton

27th September, 11:07 pm

eric's daughter phoebe is a genius

20th July, 2:55 pm

jen's just got an eos 10d - they seem to be all the rage suddenly (3 recommendations in 2 days). it's highly tempting.

19th July, 6:40 pm

at $1300US i'm very very tempted to get an eos 10d rather than waiting for the sucessor to the 1ds. hmmm, purchase time?

13th July, 7:29 pm

jen, my adopted sister, takes some really great photos of her son, rey.