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10th April, 4:39 pm

the economist's democracy index is kind of fascinating. is there a good discussion for the criteria anywhere? the 2010 document is here and contains lots of good detail

26th December, 11:38 am

americans are horribly misinformed about who has money (hint: the rich have nearly all of it)

24th October, 9:15 am

time to kill some dogs. or a lot of hamsters

19th October, 11:20 pm

i visit this page about once an hour. it really helps

14th October, 12:57 pm

this visualization of relative costs is quite wonderful

19th August, 10:43 pm

alive in joberg was the pre-cursor to the wonderful district 9. watch the former online and then rush to the cinema to see the latter. apart from the cat food bit. that was just gross

10th November, 10:29 am

these election map visualizations are very nicely done. do you think the color-by-population was done by hand or with some fancy software?

21st October, 9:03 pm

registered to vote in california? then vote no on prop 8 to protect gay marriage

31st March, 1:40 pm

this economist article has a nice graphic showing the alignment of the uk and us political parties. amusing how far apart they are on some issue (such as religion). [via hamster]

15th August, 10:41 am

christ - i know who i'll be voting for ;)

8th February, 3:51 pm

it's been doing the rounds, but perhaps rightly so - a voting breakdown map of the uk.

14th November, 11:56 pm

some anonymous coward sent me some feedback about the fuck-the-south site.

27th October, 9:55 pm

pretty old, but john stewart on fresh air is good stuff. when did john stewart become the best news caster on american tv?