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4th October, 3:10 pm

i'm not sure where salty find this stuff, but prepare yourself for mac os classic on a psp. a 4 hour boot cycle. nice

29th September, 4:55 pm

salt points out this review of the pop station 2. i kinda want one.

29th September, 2:19 pm

you might not be able to get a good one for windows yet, but at least the psp has an svg viewer. thanks aaron

27th July, 9:09 pm

aha - some instructions for upgrading the psp firmware.

27th July, 5:20 pm

new psp firmware is out (in japan only, but works on US PSPs). now includes a web browser. woo! [via rob]

11th July, 4:09 pm

more psp goodness - vnc for the psp. seriously. that's just too cool.

7th July, 3:17 pm

aaron points out pspware - looks like it might be time to dust off the old ibook.

15th April, 11:53 pm

after much swearing, investigation and blind luck, i present Connecting your PSP (Playstation Portable) to a Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router

11th April, 10:32 am

of course, someone has already set up a public portal and dns server to help you avoid the hard part of setting it up.

11th April, 10:31 am

instructions for setting up a web browser on your psp. good stuff.

4th April, 1:27 pm

forget gaming - the psp is mainly a flickr appliance