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8th February, 4:36 pm

the best part about using a framework is that when you turn out to have a huge security hole, at least all of your friends do too?

28th February, 7:13 pm

warehouse looks pretty good, but it requires both ruby on rails (easy-ish to install) and the ruby-svn bindings (which are basically a bitch). why do the harder languages to get up and running on the web (ruby and python) require the bindings while the easier languages (php and perl) just shell out and so work easily? gah. currently using websvn in php which does a reasonable job and is trivial to set up.

9th August, 7:44 pm

rails has reached that nasty stage where alot of people are using it and a hole is found. it's been handled interestingly, for sure

18th November, 12:09 pm

from a php disucssion at work: "If you're willing to continually do the heavy lifting of ensuring that your version of Smalltalk96 on Rails stays concurrent with the latest patches". omg, how awesome would that be?