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In the wake of password-hacking-month (Linkedin,, Yahoo, etc) Jeremy Spilman talks about an interesting idea for increasing the cost to stealing password databases, rather than just the hashing: part 1, part 2

Shut up and use bcrypt

With all the current excitement about leaked password databases, I thought I'd take the time to make doing it the right way a bit easier. If you're working on a PHP app, start using lib_bcrypt right now.

12th April, 2:29 pm

the mechanics behind zxcvbn are fascinating.

12th April, 10:29 pm

did i ever link to the article on password usability? i meant to

16th November, 11:39 am

could israelification be the answer to north america's air security?

26th October, 3:57 pm

tom taylor's thoughts on firesheep pretty much match my own

24th July, 11:46 am

adobe recommends against visiting untrusted sites until the flash bug is fixed. oh, like the whole web. great

6th September, 1:51 pm

bookmarked for later: nessus vunerability scanner.

20th April, 9:27 am

bruce's piece on hacking the papal election is an interesting read.