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21st March, 11:40 pm

these maps of sf, adjusted for sea levels rising, are very very awesome. luckily i live upstairs, just off the coast of point hayes

27th April, 11:26 am

i love this typographic map of sf. i have a few too many nice maps of SF to warrant hanging this one, but still considering it

6th May, 11:36 pm

there now a facebook app for the 7x7 100 top eats in sf list. good for keeping track

24th March, 4:14 pm

a nice piece on the constant redevelopment of sf's market street

27th July, 5:54 pm

this 1971 panorama of sf taken fro the top of the bay bridge shows alot of detail of the area i now live in - they're still building the trans-america pyramid and the embarcadero has train lines and a stacked freeway [via gino]

27th June, 1:40 pm

aaron recommends the house of nanking for chinese. must try it.