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Rescuing Columbia

Ars Technica has an excellent long-form piece on a little known section of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report; if the broken tile on the Columbia had been known about, could there have been a rescue mission mounted? Very interesting stuff.

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This is an excellent play-by-play of the moon landing in the way that only the web can do. Great stuff.

22nd November, 9:42 pm

i'd love to see (some of) this: a scale-model of a solar system, the size of Sweden

24th July, 3:55 pm

lovely npr infographic of the nasa space shuttles

7th November, 1:59 pm

using angled cups to drink coffee in space. go science!

22nd December, 11:07 am

the physics of spaces battles is an excellent read

20th March, 9:20 pm

i'm not sure if the sense of scale measurements are correct, but it looks great

6th September, 1:23 am

when i grow up, i'm going to live on the moon. nasa is working on it for me and is talking about it at brickhouse. go see it

5th June, 4:15 pm

a group of people built a camera rig and sent it 30km upwards, taking photos. the videos are awesome