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14th April, 2:49 pm

star wars uncut is an awesome idea - rebuilding a new hope from many fan-made 15 second clips. the trailer is great

8th March, 12:51 pm

a really nice lego stop motion. i want to make something like this

9th February, 3:20 pm

dancing storm troopers are the pinnacle of our culture. i support this

13th December, 7:10 pm

i don't know why i don't yet own this bed. it would fit perfectly in my apartment

18th September, 8:52 am

amanda as princess leia is somehow even cuter. ouch

26th May, 1:10 pm

from the awful-but-great category - an organic-food starwars spoof. as with the real starwars, i find myself siding with the dark side.