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10th April, 4:39 pm

the economist's democracy index is kind of fascinating. is there a good discussion for the criteria anywhere? the 2010 document is here and contains lots of good detail

3rd January, 11:35 pm

very awesome visualization of movie revenues week by week over 2010

13th October, 9:23 pm

i've linked it before, but daytum is pretty awesome

11th May, 6:51 pm

car culture in america on the decline? that's probably not a good sign

11th April, 8:37 am

while the last line sounds anti-css (sort of?), it turns out pie charts suck

10th November, 10:29 am

these election map visualizations are very nicely done. do you think the color-by-population was done by hand or with some fancy software?

8th September, 4:55 pm

skyrails sure looks pretty, but does it actually help with visualization? i'd love some good examples of where it adds value

30th April, 12:01 pm

a very interesting graph looking at the number of photos of various cities on flickr. i'd love to see an 2006 updated version.

30th January, 8:40 pm

the cost of war site contains some interesting, if not suprising, statistics.