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9th February, 12:59 am

t shirt war! a really nice idea, well executed

12th January, 1:17 pm

burgerking (!?) have some pretty awesome tshirts (best) [via dunstan]

17th September, 11:24 am

torsopants has some pretty nice shirts. via ajay

1st September, 1:45 pm seems pretty cool - good work joe. i suspect i will be adding to my collection shortly

1st August, 7:16 pm

teefury is a really awesome idea. assuming they're any good

21st February, 4:51 pm

the most insane part of this tshirt is that it has zooomr, but not the large photo sites...

15th November, 10:45 am

usually teefly aren't funny, but this is pretty awesome

6th November, 3:41 pm

threadless are now printing with a bunch of different inks and processes. nice! the pdf is full of useful info

26th July, 12:12 pm

the wii tii is pretty awesome [via asc]

16th October, 5:01 pm

some nice game shirts, including a katamari/locoroco crossover [via waxy]

1st October, 11:40 pm

i'm on ur tee shirt, makin' fun of your internets. mine's in the post

18th August, 9:18 am

toke have a nice selection of tshirts [via b3ta]

27th July, 4:15 pm

awsome tshirt sale! [via pep]

19th April, 11:05 am

hardboiled have some nice shirts [via heathr]

13th January, 3:36 pm

gama-go has some nice shirtage [via derek]

10th January, 3:39 pm

tenbills have some nice shirts [via heather]

4th January, 3:58 pm

veer has some nice typography-related shirts

3rd January, 4:12 pm

mr messina has started selling his designs in tshirt form. mmm

1st November, 9:31 am

does anyone have experience with spreadshirt? i wonder if their product is a bit crappy.

4th October, 3:47 pm

forget good shirts - how about the worst shirts ever?

4th October, 11:21 am

trippin tees has a lame name but some nice shirts

30th August, 9:09 pm

i've finally updated the tshirt catalogue, including new ones from the excellent option-g

29th August, 3:02 pm

tshirt watch: busted tees are pretty awesome

10th August, 11:24 am

heather points out a very nice tshirt catalogue

11th July, 5:25 pm

heather found these great shirts on flickr.

17th June, 10:35 pm

defunker has some good shirts (they're reselling a bunch of threadless). isn't that the internet's own jason kottke?

26th May, 11:17 pm

met the slowshirts lady at the flickr party tonight. along with estoban of b3ta. weird

28th April, 9:52 am

dinosaur comics has new tshirts. must... order...

19th April, 12:26 am

sharp as toast has some rockin tshirts - still feeling the love from preshrunk

18th April, 11:13 pm

i've finally gotten around to cataloguing my tshirt collection - at least, the ones in vancouver

5th April, 11:29 pm

god is awesome! i've wanted the tshirt kitty farmer from donnie darko wears for ages, and now i've found it.

23rd March, 9:13 pm

awesome tshirts and bags via my adopted sister.

24th February, 11:52 pm

it look like j-ro is going to be doing a joanna shirt - utterly awesome.

1st February, 7:56 pm

a very awesome t-shirt. shame that ordering cross-crontinent gets so expensive. teleporters will releave all my tshirt needs.

27th January, 11:18 pm

the 12 club sounds like it was designed for me. obviously i've joined :)