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21st November, 6:31 pm

there's not really any excuse for not contributing to nickd's book project on kickstarter

20th October, 10:01 am

my friend chrissie has an article on error messaging up on the vitamin blog. worth a read

27th June, 10:53 am

a short useit article on using greeking to test usability of layouts. quite a simple technique which may be quite useful [via salt]

17th October, 9:46 am

jakob's hardly known for espousing sensible viewpoints, but his latest alert box is bordering on stupidity. some of the top 10 design mistakes for weblogs, he claims, are not publishing on a set schedule, writing about more than one topic, or having a blogspot/lj/typad/ blog without your own domain name. right, because having your own domain name somehow makes your blog better.

26th September, 8:29 pm

brian fling, d. keith robinson, matt may and nick finck have started blue flavor. might be one to watch in the near future.

11th March, 11:09 pm

tog really hates the osx dock, and with good reason.