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6th February, 11:33 am

very neat: a record player that plays tree rings

30th August, 5:03 pm

fishy fishy is way better than gucci gucci

18th April, 8:58 pm

the final frontier: bacon roses

6th November, 3:31 pm

the world would be a better place with just a little more high fiving

4th November, 5:01 pm

this investigation into lego nomenclature is excellent. remember having similar issues building something with a friend when young. you know, a "light frame"!

1st September, 4:51 pm

"Basically what Hello Kitty's bones would taste like if you ground them with a pestle and mortar"

17th August, 10:11 pm

the wikipedia/imdb effect is real science, bitches. (see? not my fault!)

12th August, 5:47 pm

these smart car body kits are too awesome for words. apart from the word awesome

10th August, 4:08 pm

wenda and branston are my heroes

21st July, 10:30 pm

the continue time clock is beautiful, though i'm not sure i'd be able to actually figure out the time. pretty though

17th July, 4:30 pm

stop motion lego arcade is awesome

28th June, 7:03 pm

this banner ad is awesome - keep clicking. for ages. do it

27th May, 7:39 pm

tiny art director is great - make sure you start at the bottom

26th May, 4:13 pm

lots of good live-action stop-motion recently. this music video is beautiful

21st May, 12:13 pm

frank lloyd wright lego is more than a little pretentious, but i kinda want it

21st May, 12:12 pm

a candy expo? there is a heaven on earth

12th May, 1:45 pm

matt rosenberg is worried about not being able to judge others so easily in the age of the kindle. i guess i agree

7th May, 10:43 pm

hey jude with 13500 people in trafalger square. oh t-mobile, i kinda love you now

7th April, 2:01 pm

macaroons are my kind of wedding cake

20th March, 3:14 pm

this awesome promo video makes me want to bust out reason right now

30th October, 3:10 pm

a bacon lampshade would probably start to smell at some point (more excellent stuff on the tumblelog too) [via rr]

21st October, 3:24 pm

virtual bacon? not as good as physical bacon, for sure [via rr]

21st October, 12:35 pm

is bacon jumping the shark? maybe [via rr]

21st October, 12:32 pm

hi-res photos of bacon for desktop wallpaper [via rr]