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13th July, 9:41 pm

coates links to a old old list of weblogs from the early days. lots of familiar names there. where was mark for the past x years?

30th April, 3:56 pm

candyblog is awesome - i'm considering doing something along those lines myself.

12th December, 11:20 pm

the mothership are teaming up with sixapart to do hosted mt blogs - i wonder if they're using static or dynamic page generation...

17th October, 9:46 am

jakob's hardly known for espousing sensible viewpoints, but his latest alert box is bordering on stupidity. some of the top 10 design mistakes for weblogs, he claims, are not publishing on a set schedule, writing about more than one topic, or having a blogspot/lj/typad/ blog without your own domain name. right, because having your own domain name somehow makes your blog better.

27th April, 2:02 pm

lea points out that kevin smith now has a blog. does anyone not have one these days?

20th April, 3:21 pm

o'reilly's new (i think?) radar weblog is a good one to watch

19th April, 9:23 am

angermann2 is my new favorite weblog. architecture, cartography and bold design.

4th April, 7:15 pm

this weblog will soon be running on immovable object. embrace the future and join today!

23rd March, 4:37 pm

tom's obsessed with jamie4u. he's convinced it's a parody, but i'm worried it's not.

3rd March, 5:45 pm

typographi is a good typography blog. bookmark that one.

25th February, 1:28 pm

joel talka about monkey leather and small bonsai trees. and a kangaroo. who wouldn;t want to live in joel's house?

24th February, 11:06 pm

i'm sure it's been up for a million years by now, but su's redesign is mighty fine.

24th February, 10:03 pm

airbag industries has a really nice kottke interview with all the stuff wired missed (because we need to know if he blogs in his underpants).

22nd February, 9:34 am

has jko gone mad? the answer is probably yes, but if not i'll soon be doing this fulltime ;)

7th February, 10:41 pm

jc is blogging again on machine. a worthwhile daily read.

29th January, 9:05 pm

go canada. go dot NET. go ASP. go errors! when a website stack traces because it couldn't load the 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word' pluigin, do you suspect the developers didn't know what they were doing?

20th January, 5:09 pm

stew suspects that david chess has the world's bext weblog.

10th January, 2:41 pm

hobbix is new weblog software in ruby. it's site is super-rad - must try the product.

25th October, 12:54 pm

erik is right. livejournal gets more things right than any other piece of blogging software.

21st September, 9:59 am

boris johnson has a blog. he's probably the only tory i like.

31st August, 12:50 pm

leas noticed that quentin tarantino appears to have a blog.

27th August, 1:03 pm

and talking of weblog software - wordpress is shit. i entered two patches into their tracker 4 days ago, and not a single developer has seen them. and this is supposedly during their push to get v1.3 out. a sorry state of affairs.

27th August, 1:01 pm

spoke to anil about the mt installer today. looks like there's a good chance we'll be able to roll it into v3.2. that would be nice.

19th July, 4:15 pm

stupid manila, part 2. in addition to not supporting the full blogger or metaweblog apis, it looks like they have escaping issues with the methods they do support :(

19th July, 3:18 pm

urgh. stupid userland/winer/manila. turns out that manila doesn't support the revised metaweblogapi spec, which is hard to find so no big suprise. but, err, userland created the spec. they also don't fully support the blogger v1 api. a developer tells me that you need to send the full url of your blog as the blog id to the *.newPost method - is this a userland construct or is it standard practice? crazy.

19th July, 12:55 pm

a new launch with simon waldman from the guardian:

16th July, 10:27 am

jc's dress sexy at my funeral is a perfect simulation of 80's teenage angst. err, only it's real. good stuff.