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5th July, 11:47 am

nyan cat progress bar renews my faith in windows apis [via asc]

1st June, 5:19 pm

windows 8 is looking just like the current slick windows mobile ui. bet it looks awful by the time it comes out though

22nd January, 4:15 pm

warzone 2100 looks pretty cool. yay for old games under GNU

29th October, 3:02 pm

the sysinternals page at microsoft is full of useful utilities for various windows things

29th October, 3:01 pm

JkDefragGUI is a nice front-end to an awesome defragging app for windows. much much better than the built in defragger

29th October, 10:31 am

diskview is a neat windows app that visualizes folder usage. helped me find the 8GB of useless test video files hanging around

30th June, 2:00 pm

just installed twitterlicious for windows. anyone got any better windows suggestions, while Twitter AIM bot is still down?

5th April, 1:16 pm

winkey looks like a good replacement for whatever it was i used to use for global shortcuts on windows. having a browser bound to windows-key+something makes for milliseconds saved.

12th December, 9:13 am

dependency walker is a lovely little tool for checking dll/exe imports and exports. via rc

6th November, 2:19 pm

shoes is probably old hat, but looks kinda cool

1st February, 9:28 am

the vista voice-recognition exploit is hilarious

21st June, 3:13 am

putty is lacking tabs, but wintabber looks promising.

3rd April, 1:43 pm

the microsoft msi building faq seems pretty useful - i need to download the sdk and get to grips with it.

23rd March, 12:33 am

microsoft have a free windows ce emulator for windows, so you can test your sites from the comfort of a "real man's" computer.

3rd March, 2:13 pm

i've been looking for this forever - oe-quotefix makes outlook express stop top-quoting, put a proper attribution line and indent without wrapping everything. perfect!

10th February, 10:37 pm

winspector is a good replacement for spy++, but i need to read the docs to figure out how to only track window creation from a single process.

7th February, 11:44 pm

a nasty four year old bug in firefox is stopping some large corps from using it. ouch! sort out your priorities guys.

2nd February, 10:06 pm

bash is the font of all knowledge: MCSE = Mindsweeper Consultant and Solitare Expert

2nd February, 9:26 pm

leonard digs up all kinda of cool crap - a nice little md5 app for windows, with context menu integration.

31st January, 4:45 pm

nyu has a nice win95 download page including the now-old but still useful cosmo vrml plugin.